Big Black Cock Phone Sex With Jenny

Big Black Cock Phone SexI know you have had fantasies about your wife or girl friend fucking a big black cock this is why big black cock phone sex may interest you. Just the thought of your lady sucking on a black cock is a turn on for you. Knowing that she will let him fuck her is a bigger turn on making your cock rock hard. What would be your biggest thrill of all would be her letting you watch them OMG your fantasy come true. Seeing her pale white skin and pink pussy being drilled by a big black cock makes you crazy.

Big black cock phone sex I think most men have fantasized about at least once picturing their lady getting fucked deep and hard. Just seeing that big black cock going in and out of her pussy will drive you insane and make you so hard. I know some of you love to talk about me fucking a black cock and I know how it turns you on so don’t even try to lie to me. Calling me and talking about this is safe and fun and your lady never needs to know and we can role-play it to make you explode. 

The thought of your lady getting fucked by any other man is a trip all in its own but a big black cock wow. Imagine coming home from work and catching her sucking or riding a black cock with her screaming with delight will excite you. Maybe she will let you join them letting you pull out your smaller white cock for her to suck on it while the black cock is fucking her hard. Either way this will be a dream for you and maybe even her  who knows what her fantasies are.

Call me for big black cock phone sex I know you will drool and cum really hard Jenny 

1-888-402-8669    or

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Small Dick Humiliation Phone Sex

abcI know your secret and you know that I know all about your weird little world and that you would do anything to keep it a secret right? Well I’m sorry but I need to tell everyone about you and your secret. Okay everyone here goes my caller has a dick that is only 2 inches hard yes you heard me 2 inches hard. I know you are laughing your ass off right now along with me just thinking about his little dick. He loves calling me for small dick humiliation phone sex because he knows I hold nothing back and will totally humiliate him and his little dick.

What I like most is how he is so proud of that pathetic little nub between his legs along side of those 2 peanuts. He saw nothing wrong with his nub and thinks every woman wants to be fucked by it. He is a jerk and has totally lost his mind no woman wants his nasty little dick anywhere near them or inside of any holes. He is a freak and he is a total loser that should just give in and became someones bitch. Put on a pair of lacy panties and suck cock while rubbing his little clitty.

Small dick humiliation phone sex with me will be very harsh and real I will tell you like I see it that your member is a fucking joke. Making you a bitch is the best thing for you I know it and so do you haven’t you had enough woman laughing at your sorry little dick? Seeing you in pretty panties will make me think what a stupid fucker you have become I know your laughing now. Go ahead put them on it’s your only choice become a good little bitch for some big stud with a real COCK!

Call me for real small dick humiliation phone sex I’m here to fuck you over Jenny

1-888-402-8669    or

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Sissy Phone Sex With Jenny

pantiesIt’s dress up time again I just love sissy phone sex turning you boy’s into a girly girls and dressing you up is so much fun. I love taking you online shopping for pretty panties and talking about all the colors and types that will make you squirm in your bed. We will talk about how different fabrics feel against your body and how sexy some make you feel.  We can have like a PJ party over the phone all girly talk and pretty lingerie. Playing dress up is fun when both are excited about it. Looking and talking about matching panty sets with the bra too is my favorite.

Sissy phone sex along with dress up is something that many men really have a fetish for. I love to get online and have a caller contact me telling me he has his special clothes on waiting for me. I even like to talk some of you into wear a piece of your clothing like panties or stockings under your manly clothes just to feel more girly. Running to Wal-mart wearing them gets so many of my callers so excited they can hardly breath. Once they return they always call me back to tell me how daring and heart pounding that was.

No matter what your fetish is I will love to explore it with you rather it be feet that you love wiggling all over your body. Maybe you are just a panty thief stealing girls panties is what you do. Smelling them or eating them while you masturbate is your thing I can talk to you and tell you some stories. Sissy phone sex with me can be so fun I’m such a girly girl myself so come play with me.

Call Jenny for sissy phone sex I will make you cream your pink panties for me.

1-888-402-8669    or


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Harsh Humiliation Phone Sex With Jenny

humiliation phone sexI like to humiliate men until they can’t take any more of my descriptive harsh humiliation phone sex. I get great pleasure out of telling men how stupid,  small or rejects they are especially to me. Guy’s with small dicks or if you love wife humiliation you should really call me,  I will humiliate your wife like no other. I could care less about your feelings or  hers so once I start watch out I will take it to the fullest. You will be wishing that you never married her hahaha. Little dick guy well come on you already know you are so worthless to any women I will just make it perfectly clear for you.

Humiliation phone sex for all other men who are just stupid or losers is just as rewarding for me you deserve even less. I love-making you feel like you might be the biggest loser on planet earth. I will have you wondering why you are even taking up space and using up our air. So get over yourself you are not special and I will put you in your place. Humiliating you to the point of making your body get that rush that makes you have uncontrollable orgasms. Plumping your blood all through your throbbing cock will make you want for more and more of my harsh humiliation phone sex.

Little faggot dress up boy’s can get humiliation phone sex too I like to make you feel like crying hahaha. Panty boy’s I love making fun of you  little panty thief’s and sniffer’s come on you either do that or wear them while stroking. I guess you can say I love humiliating everyone telling you what I think of you and your nasty habits is my pleasure so give me a call Loser.

Jenny humiliation phone sex  not for the weak of heart trust me I will be harsh and never blink an eye.

1-888-402-8669    or

PS Summer Hour’s I’m available from 7pm until 3am everyday except Tuesday & Sunday when I’m off. (I need to go to the pool during the day to tease all the men hahaha mmmmm)

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Fantasy Phone Sex With Jenny

jennyAre you looking to chat with someone about your sexual fantasies?  Well I’m just the girl for you … I love fantasy phone sex. Wishing you had that one person that would just listen to your fantasies and maybe play one of them out with you? I love role-playing and talking about your fantasies, who knows they may be the same ones I have. I like to chat so we can talk about different fetishes we have had or ones we really like. I know some times your partner isn’t the right person for you to talk to about your sexual thoughts. I will listen and chat with you about all of your fetishes and fantasies. Don’t ever worry about them being too taboo or naughty nothing will shock me. I love to get into your head and see what you are thinking and why. We may have the same fantasies that could be just what the two us both need.  

I like to hear and learn new fantasies and what makes you feel what you feel about them who knows one of mine might be just what you are looking for. Fantasy phone sex is so open to almost any kind of sexual play. I think the thoughts in our heads make us hornier then we ever even imagine. We can all stroke or rub and masturbate but thinking about our fantasies will make our experience so much better. I for one love hearing all different kinds of stories and what turns you on or off so call me and lets talk it over. I love to get as nasty as you like nothing is off-limits with me or taboo so don’t ever be embarrassed about your thoughts and fantasies.

Naughty fantasy phone sex with me will be exciting for both of us I know you will enjoy chatting with me. Call me Jenny  1-888-402-8669    or

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2 Girl-Phone Sex Call

jennyvvbI just had the most Delicious 2 girl phone sex call with Nina and a very sexy man. The two of them surprised me and called me so we could all three play together. Can you say kinky!!!! that is just what it was so hot and nasty. I believe at one point Nina was begging to cum and moaning like a cat in heat hahaha. The man of course was so into it that he made both of us girls cum hard and fast. When doing a 2 girl phone sex call it makes you feel like you are having an orgy or at least I felt that way.

The hot man fucked us both while talking nina01nasty and doing naughty things to each of us, that was so thrilling I got wet immediately. I love when I’m so into a call that my pussy starts dripping running down my leg onto my bed. I know at that point this is going to be a wild call for me and that I’m going to cum hard. I have done many 2 girl calls some with other girls and some with our she-males either way is all good for me. Whats your pleasure?

I know Nina was completely worn out after our 2 girl call she could hardly say good-bye but remember guys in order for 2 girls to cum you do need to buy some time. We women are great at most things but cumming in 10 minutes is hard to do hahaha. I know most of the men I talk to love spreading out their calls and making it good for me and them. If you are into a 2 girl phone sex call give me a try I know we will have a great time and you will enjoy it. Just a little shout out to my man and Nina for a great time this afternoon I loved it loved it and loved it!

2 Girl phone sex with Jenny

1-888-402-8669    or

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Small Dick Humiliation Phone Sex

sizeOk so you think size doesn’t matter … Well I’m here to tell you it does. Small dick humiliation phone sex is a fetish all by its self. I go out on a date with you, we go back to my  house we start making out,  getting all hot and sweaty ready to fuck hard and deep. When you take down your pants and pull out your itsy bitty, tiny, dick thinking your going to fuck me with it! FUCK YOU! I don’t fuck anything smaller than my thumb hahaha and baby trust me your dick is smaller. This is what happens when a guy comes to me and says he wants to fuck me but is it ok if he has a small dick?  Really?  I mean…..REALLY?  It’s NEVER ok! You see, girls like me don’t fuck guys like that.  They get laughed at and humiliated and turned into little pantry-wearing, cock-sucking bitch boys!!! Only REAL men get some of this!

When I get fucked I want to feel it going it I want to scream while ripping the sheets off my bed. I want to be so sore the next day knowing I got fucked good and hard, thinking wow that was a great fuck. With someone like you with your small dick I would never even feel it go into my pussy I would be asking, “is it in yet”????  Small dick humiliation phone sex is what I would do to you laughing my ass off at the size of your pathetic dick. Becoming a bitch boy or cock sucking whore is what your headed for because no girl wants your sad dick. Get ready to suck dick very good that is the only sex you are going to get unless some girl lets you become her clean up boy.

So if you have some “short Cummings” and your pathetic little pecker needs to squirt, call me.  I could use a good laugh. Small dick humiliation phone sex with me.

Jenny  1-888-402-8669    or

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Cheating Phone Sex With Jenny

Cheating Phone SexI’m looking for a certain kind of guy that loves the thought of cheating with me I mean planning and dreaming about what our afternoon or evening rumps  would be like. That is why I’m into cheating phone sex making you become my nasty delight for a day. I’m not looking for long-term relationship I just want a one night stand with you. Where anything goes I mean anything from us having wild sex to us having a 3 some. I like it kinky most of you already know that,  but I have been thinking about cheating with you it can be so fun.

The thought of having a one night stand and not catching any kind of disease sounds so intriguing to me what about you?  Cheating phone sex is the best thing you get to be as nasty as you like and talk sexually to a stranger. I love getting personal with a stranger and hearing them react to my sounds and talk. We can go as nasty as you like making it so real and naughty that I know you will love it too. We can also have a 3 some with another girl here and all 3 of us get hot and turned on. Maybe you just would like to hear 2 girls getting it on and talking nasty to each other? Well that is so possible with phone sex that it can blow more than your mind…hahaha.

Cum cheat with me try it at least once and see if you are turned on by it or would like something different. I’m always open to trying new and kinky things on the phone so if you have something in mind just tell me. Let’s get creative together and get so turned on we can stand ourselves mmmmmm.

Call me your new cheating phone sex  slut I will force you to have fun mmmmmm.  

Jenny  1-888-402-8669    or

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Teasing All You Men On Phone Sex

I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

For all of you that don’t already know me I’m Jenny a very naughty bunny girl that loves to tease men and control them just because I can.

Phone SexCan’t wait to talk to you.

Love Jenny  1-888-402-8669    or

I’m available Wed thru Mon from 6pm to 2am

(Central Time)

Call me for any kind of phone sex call you like!

Tease and Denial  |Financial Domination | Blonde Goddess | Foot Fetish Princess | Cash Cow | Cuckold | GFE |  Mistress | Princess | Strap-on  | Humiliation | Brat | Forced Bi |Forced Intox |Role-Play |Fetishes |Big Titty |Loser |SPH|Guided Masturbation|and many more.


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Panty Boy Phone Sex

pantyWell it’s almost Christmas time and as always it’s that time of year where everyone is in the giving mood. I too like to give so I’m offering a FREE pair of my Panties with every 45 mins call this year. I know all you panty boy phone sex lovers will love this offer just to own a pair of my naughty panties. For everyone else this might a great time for you to smell my panties turning you all horny for me. I love sharing me with all you naughty men and letting you enjoy my nasty calls and spending 45 minutes with me mmmmm what a deal.

Panty boy phone sex is such a naughty fetish and can be so much fun even for you fem guys who love wearing panties you can wear a pair of mine. I wish I could be under all of your Christmas tree’s when you wake up that morning but having a pair of my panties may make that feel real enough. Just think you can smell me while you call me for some really hot phone sex. I may make you taste my panties or wear them on your face or body. I can get so kinky with you and my panties that it may open your eyes to another fetish.

I get so excited and love to give and receive hint … hint mmmm that I can hardly wait to talk to you I know you will love me once you try me. I’m a very kinky girl who loves all kinds of fetishes and phone sex calls nothing is to taboo for me. I love role-play and many more so just give me a call and try me I know you will not be disappointed. I can also be that sassy kind of girl who will boss and guide you and control you and your cock along with your wallet.

Panty boy phone sex special with Jenny for the holidays mmmmm 1-888-402-8669    or

Want to send me a Christmas Tribute just click package



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