Extreme Humiliation Phone Sex

Extreme Humiliation Phone SexWell it’s a new year and I’m so ready to fuck with you guy’s Extreme humiliation phone sex is what I really like doing.  Forcing you on your knee’s to worship me is also my thing. Telling all you losers off and poking fun of you makes me feel good inside. I don’t just like mild humiliation I’m into harsh mean nasty verbal humiliation to make you feel more stupider. Telling you how pathetic you are is just not good enough I like to really give it to you like a good mouth lashing.

Pointing out all of your flaws to you will make you feel less like a man and more like a fucking joke. You will be wishing I would stop but deep inside with your fucked up head you will love it. Obeying me and letting me a perfect woman shame you so harshly will embarrass you. But you and I know that your creepy useless cock will be get excited with every word I say to you. Come on you know it’s true and you know your little dick will be so glad to hear me speak to you like I will.  I also know that you will be stroking your little limp dick while talking to me you can’t help it and you can’t stop even if you tried. 

Little dicks, Losers, or sissy boys what ever kind of pervert you are I will put you in your place. Knowing what you mean to me or the fucking world is what you need to learn and I’m just the right person to teach you. Extreme humiliation phone sex with me is exactly that extreme. Try me and see for yourself having a perfect woman like me make fun of you while laughing my ass off is always a thrill for me.

Call Jenny your new Extreme humiliation phone sex queen 

1-888-402-8669 Evenings I’m available.

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Naughty Merry Christmas From Jenny

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Hope you all have a great Holiday!

Here is a little year in review Enjoy!























jj4 jj5 jj6 jj7




 Hug and Kisses Jenny


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Spend Christmas With Jenny Having Phone Sex

phone sexWell It’s almost Christmas and I need to thank all my naughty men for a wonderful year full of so much nasty fun. Phone sex with all of you has been so enjoyable that I can’t believe the year is almost over. I like to raise my glass and toast all of you for a year of erotic pleasure mmmmm. Most of you know I love Humiliating you to the Extreme making most of you blush. I know that you get such a rush from it that you can’t hide it from me. Losers of all kinds are what I’m attracted to and I know you love being little sissies in front of me.

Forcing you to try bi or intoxication making you do things for me while I fuck you over is so much fun. If you are looking for nice go find someone else I’m here to ruin your marriage and life. Taking money from you until I drain you, is just my pleasure. I know you will keep coming back for more and more. You can’t stay away you know you need me to use you up until I finish with you. It’s your sexual needs that brings you back to be used by me.

I know most of you work all day making decisions and when you talk to me you want me to take over, leaving you without any power. I will have you so addicted to me you will be calling and spending money on me everyday. Just remember one thing it’s all about me never about your needs. I’m the one that deserves it all nothing is too much for me you will keep me like the princess I’m. In return you will be treated and used by me to do task and pay for my expensive whatever they may be. You are truly the lucky one to have found me remember that always.

Financial Domination phone sex with Jenny is what I like … call me.

Remember it’s Christmas spend and spend on me lots of gift cards and amazon here on my blog  mmmmmmm.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Role-Playing Phone Sex With Juicy Jenny

role-playOMG can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving the holidays are coming so fast.  I know most of you would love to see me sitting at your table nude while you are eating your turkey dinner…giggle. I just love role-playing phone sex you can be or act out anything that your naughty mind can think of. Think of me crawling across your table in a sexy lingerie while your friends all watch, now that would be a really hot role to fantasize about. I could sit on your lap feeding you your big turkey leg with your big, hard throbbing cock deep inside me… oh wow what a dream come true…giggle.

Waking up to me under your tree just dressed in a big red bow for you to unwrap I know will brighten your holidays. Hearing me sucking on your cock like a nasty little whore is another hot fantasy. Role playing that I’m your neighbor or best friends wife or the girl you always wanted to fuck can be such a mind trip. Bring back old memories or just finishing a dream that never took place can be so fun. I like it all and can’t wait to play with you.

Role playing phone sex can be naughty or something you just been wanting to try but your partners not into for whatever reason. Maybe it’s a secret you have been keeping for most of your life but lately it has been in your head and you need to play it out with someone. Taking you to that point and making it magic for you is what I’m good at and love doing. So go ahead and call me to cheat with you or be someone you want or just make me a nasty whore for you to fuck I’m here for your pleasure. 

Role playing phone sex with Jenny hot and spicy just what you are searching for.



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Sassy Phone Sex Goddess Jenny

My Birthday is next week call me or use my amazon wishlist mmmmmm!!!!

I know a lot of you are watching football or the play off games may even placing bets on your favorite team. Well I think you all need to show your sassy little phone sex goddess some attention. I can be a cheerleader for you and show you all my moves making your heads grow both of them…giggle. How many time have you wished you had a cheerleader like me sitting on your lap wiggling? If you answer that question honestly you would like it to happen everyday…giggle. Well here I’m your naughty cheerleader waiting to make your cock do things it hasn’t felt or done in a long time.

Instead of watching a game of men call me and let me make you feel  incredible I know I can do that for you. I will stop at nothing to get you all hot and steamy hearing you scream out loud is so much better then watching a stupid game. Being a phone sex goddess I can go any where you like on the phone role-playing with you, dominating you, and humiliation is right up my alley.  I like getting guys off using any kind of phone you like I’m a no taboo’s girl. Having a goddess like me can be so rewarding for you because I can make your cock and fantasies feel so good. So turn off the football-  play off games and call me for some personal touch phone sex. Guy’s ask me what I like during a call well I love it all oral, domination, role-play, small dick, humiliation you name it I love it.

I think most of you know I love to tease men and some of them I like to even deny them the pleasure of cumming. Whatever your fantasy is I’m the girl to call your sassy phone sex goddess.



juicyjennyxxx@yahoo.com    or      juicy_jennyxxx@aol.com

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Forced Cock Sucking Phone Sex With Jenny!

Forced Cock SuckerForced cock sucking phone sex with me is what you have been fantasizing about and now have the courage to call me. Teaching you to suck cock is my pleasure and it will be good for you too. Buying a dildo so you can practice on while I’m teaching you will be so much fun for me. Swirling your tongue and sliding it in and out of your mouth will make me laugh my ass off at you. Becoming a sissy boy right in front of me will make me want to tease you so hard that you get really into it. Feeling that dildo big,  hard and thick like a real cock in your mouth will make you feel like a girly girl.

Once I get you on your knee’s sucking it in and out like a sissy boy I will make fun of you calling you really nasty names. Little cock suckers like you won’t need much teaching because you know that I know you already sucked cock before. I also know your fantasies are about cock when you masturbate. You can lie to yourself and your partner but not to me I know all your pathetic dreams and secrets and you can’t hide it from me. Most of you have such a small dick yourself that cock sucking is your only alternative for you to have sex with someone. I will make you suck cock and do it while I’m on the phone with you nothing makes me happier than hearing a loser like you.

Forced cock sucking phone sex with Jenny will make you feel like a sissy boy for sure. Call me for some intense phone sex that will knock you on your ass every time. I will be waiting for your call sissy boy cock sucker mmmmm 1-888-402-8669  and ask for Jenny!

Yahoo: juicyjennyxxx
AIM: juicy_jennyxxx

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Yahoo Messenger Changes

phonesexI guess by now you all realize that Yahoo changed it’s messenger and no one can see anyone online any more. Well I’m still online with my same ID juicyjennyxxx@yahoo.com or you can always get me on AOL at juicy_jennyxxx@aol.com. So send me an E-mail if you like to do a call or im me online. 

Remember I’m available in the evenings and open to any kind of phone sex call you like naughty or extreme just call me.

Jenny  1-888-402-8669

juicyjennyxxx@yahoo.com    or      juicy_jennyxxx@aol.com

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Big Black Cock Phone Sex With Jenny

Big Black Cock Phone SexI know you have had fantasies about your wife or girl friend fucking a big black cock this is why big black cock phone sex may interest you. Just the thought of your lady sucking on a black cock is a turn on for you. Knowing that she will let him fuck her is a bigger turn on making your cock rock hard. What would be your biggest thrill of all would be her letting you watch them OMG your fantasy come true. Seeing her pale white skin and pink pussy being drilled by a big black cock makes you crazy.

Big black cock phone sex I think most men have fantasized about at least once picturing their lady getting fucked deep and hard. Just seeing that big black cock going in and out of her pussy will drive you insane and make you so hard. I know some of you love to talk about me fucking a black cock and I know how it turns you on so don’t even try to lie to me. Calling me and talking about this is safe and fun and your lady never needs to know and we can role-play it to make you explode. 

The thought of your lady getting fucked by any other man is a trip all in its own but a big black cock wow. Imagine coming home from work and catching her sucking or riding a black cock with her screaming with delight will excite you. Maybe she will let you join them letting you pull out your smaller white cock for her to suck on it while the black cock is fucking her hard. Either way this will be a dream for you and maybe even her  who knows what her fantasies are.

Call me for big black cock phone sex I know you will drool and cum really hard Jenny 


juicyjennyxxx@yahoo.com    or      juicy_jennyxxx@aol.com

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Small Dick Humiliation Phone Sex

abcI know your secret and you know that I know all about your weird little world and that you would do anything to keep it a secret right? Well I’m sorry but I need to tell everyone about you and your secret. Okay everyone here goes my caller has a dick that is only 2 inches hard yes you heard me 2 inches hard. I know you are laughing your ass off right now along with me just thinking about his little dick. He loves calling me for small dick humiliation phone sex because he knows I hold nothing back and will totally humiliate him and his little dick.

What I like most is how he is so proud of that pathetic little nub between his legs along side of those 2 peanuts. He saw nothing wrong with his nub and thinks every woman wants to be fucked by it. He is a jerk and has totally lost his mind no woman wants his nasty little dick anywhere near them or inside of any holes. He is a freak and he is a total loser that should just give in and became someones bitch. Put on a pair of lacy panties and suck cock while rubbing his little clitty.

Small dick humiliation phone sex with me will be very harsh and real I will tell you like I see it that your member is a fucking joke. Making you a bitch is the best thing for you I know it and so do you haven’t you had enough woman laughing at your sorry little dick? Seeing you in pretty panties will make me think what a stupid fucker you have become I know your laughing now. Go ahead put them on it’s your only choice become a good little bitch for some big stud with a real COCK!

Call me for real small dick humiliation phone sex I’m here to fuck you over Jenny


juicyjennyxxx@yahoo.com    or      juicy_jennyxxx@aol.com

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Sissy Phone Sex With Jenny

pantiesIt’s dress up time again I just love sissy phone sex turning you boy’s into a girly girls and dressing you up is so much fun. I love taking you online shopping for pretty panties and talking about all the colors and types that will make you squirm in your bed. We will talk about how different fabrics feel against your body and how sexy some make you feel.  We can have like a PJ party over the phone all girly talk and pretty lingerie. Playing dress up is fun when both are excited about it. Looking and talking about matching panty sets with the bra too is my favorite.

Sissy phone sex along with dress up is something that many men really have a fetish for. I love to get online and have a caller contact me telling me he has his special clothes on waiting for me. I even like to talk some of you into wear a piece of your clothing like panties or stockings under your manly clothes just to feel more girly. Running to Wal-mart wearing them gets so many of my callers so excited they can hardly breath. Once they return they always call me back to tell me how daring and heart pounding that was.

No matter what your fetish is I will love to explore it with you rather it be feet that you love wiggling all over your body. Maybe you are just a panty thief stealing girls panties is what you do. Smelling them or eating them while you masturbate is your thing I can talk to you and tell you some stories. Sissy phone sex with me can be so fun I’m such a girly girl myself so come play with me.

Call Jenny for sissy phone sex I will make you cream your pink panties for me.


juicyjennyxxx@yahoo.com    or      juicy_jennyxxx@aol.com


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